Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun/Jonah's 16th Birthday

This is Miryah. She is our family from Israel. When she left
she was around 13 and now she is 18 and all grown up. She is
beautiful. We are glad to have you with us again even though
she will be joining the IDF army next year.

We celebrated Jonah's 16th at Timber Linn so of course
Londyn had to go feed the ducks.

This was a gift the fam brought back Jonah from Israel.

He looks thrilled doesnt he. But this post is a few weeks late so
by now he has his drivers Lic. Great job Jonah so proud of you.

Love the pic of some of the boy cousins walking together.

Londyn and uncle as she calls him.

Now I have several camping pics to post as we just
got back today from four days of camping . The shower
was awesome. I have been so busy with little time to post.
But nice to hear from several that they look forward to
my updates. So I will try to get better.
Happy Birthday Kim ( my niece 7/25) Joe(7/26) (Josh7/27)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Beautiful Girls

Adore this One!!

A little dirt never hurt anyone!

Just clowing around in the backyard. Yesterday
was a beautiful day. Still have pics to post of Jonah's
birthday party. The weather was wierd today and it
was funny as I heard from several that they were cold.
I was one of them. Off to bed. Enjoy your week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Fun

This little girl has been going going going! She has
finally came to the point where she is spending a
day of rest today. We have the shades pulled and
making sure she gets her naps. She will go all day
with out a nap given the chance but at 17 months
she needs them. She went to a pool yesterday and
fell asleep in the water with her mom. But I am excited
cause that means a day of down time for all of us.
Happy 16th Birthday to Jonah today. Enjoy your Sunday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can you say SPOILED in a good way!!!

So tonight we went and did some shopping. Well gammy
bought Londyn the essentials you know (clothes)! Couldn't
pass up some bargains at Target. Well grandpa bought her
a water bottle since it is going to be so hot the next few days.
We get home and give her the water bottle as she calls it
cuppie and of course it doesnt work. She tries and tries and
keeps yelling cuppie cuppie cuppie. We are like it is broken but
she doesnt quite understand. So we say lets go get you a new
cuppie. So we load her up around 9:00 pm only to find out Target
was closed. Dollar store here we come. I don't take my purse and
grandpa has no cash so we are now shopping to make it worth while
to use our debit card. She is finally happy. I forgot to mention the whole
way there she repeats what I had said darnit. And then out of the blue
she starts saying sorrrrrryyyyy. Sorrrrrrrrry. I say it is okay you dont
have to be sorry. I told grandpa had someone told me that story I wouldnt
of said I wouldnt of went back out for the kid I would of made them wait.
And then I laughed and said but she is my shuggie and I would do anything
for her. Just had to share the story..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Who needs a petting zoo/4th of July

These are all at my parents. I was saying we needed to take
Londyn to a petting zoo and then I thought well lets just take
her to grandpa and grandma greats house so on the 4th that is
what we did. I think mom and dad have almost 2 acres where
they are at. Growing up we had horses, raised rabbits, several
breeds of dogs, goats that we actually showed at 4H, geese,
chickens, doves, pigeons, a pet skunk named Blossom, a pet
turkey named Tom, he was the coolest turkey, we would pat
his tummy and he would dance for us. He came up missing and I
cant help but wonder if we had Tom for thanksgiving. Anyways
we had a fish pond, several fish tanks, birds all sorts, I truly believe
about the only thing we didn't have was a cow and pig. We even had
a donkey. It sure makes for good memories.

On our way I couldnt help but take pictures of the American
Legion as it was still smoldering. It was a somber moment and I
think Jordan thought I was silly but it was over 90yrs old and we
grew up right around the corner. We had just had Tony's 40th
birthday there in December and I can remember going there a
few other times. Kinda ironic that it would burn down on the 4th.
Any fire is sad and losing anything of sentimental value can not
be replaced. Having family members that lost everything in a fire
and knowing to this day they still think about them is still hard. My
parents all so had a fire many years ago and I still hear stories from that.
So call me wierd but pictures and blogging is something I treasure.
On a lighter note I joked that we were going to have our own
fireworks with this pot of beans I made for the 4th if you know
what I mean. Doug drove to Portland to help pick up family
flying in from Israel, I sent Jordan with her friends and kept Londyn.
I stayed home to be with our little dogs as they dont care for the noise.
So it was quiet for me. Noah ended up being with me as well. After a long
day at work. Enjoy your week!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Two posts in one day! Silly girls

Love Londyn's face She is thinking "What the heck"

Love pics from behind

Love this one Lacey!!

Jordan and Lacey took Londyn to the park to
feed the ducks. They took several pieces of bread
but when they got to the park Londyn had a mouth
full and their was only one piece left. I like our families
as big or small the cousins always are very close. We have
three flying in from Israel on Sunday and I cant wait for them
to see how big their cousin Londyn has gotton. Also to have
one of my bestest friends back here in the states. Happy 4th!!

We do not remember days we remember moments!