Friday, July 2, 2010

A birthday wish/ dinner with friends

Mary Ann in red and Wade on the far right. Cant for the life
of me remember the other couples name. But so enjoyed
listening to their accents.

Penny and I were invited to Halsey again second yr in a row
to Wade D. house for dinner and drinks. He and his wife have
kinda adopted Penny and I so we hold them close in our hearts.
I posted last year about his fall about 14 ft out of a tree with back
breaks and several other broken bones and has made a great recovery.
Anywho this was Mary Ann's brother from Germany and his wife.
We drank wine/beer and listened to wonderful stories and love story.
Great evening.
My niece Sara and her daughter Pippa. They came in to Izzy's
yesterday to celebrate my dad's 81st birthday. I was to busy to
get very good pictures of all that came. It was fun however.
All my coworkers couldnt believe how well my mom looks for
being 80. I love you mom.!

This is my dad. Crazy! No really he had a great 81st. Glad to see
him out and about. I love you dad. Life is busy and I dont get to see
my parents as much as I would like too. So glad they came in to celebrate
with us..

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