Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can you say SPOILED in a good way!!!

So tonight we went and did some shopping. Well gammy
bought Londyn the essentials you know (clothes)! Couldn't
pass up some bargains at Target. Well grandpa bought her
a water bottle since it is going to be so hot the next few days.
We get home and give her the water bottle as she calls it
cuppie and of course it doesnt work. She tries and tries and
keeps yelling cuppie cuppie cuppie. We are like it is broken but
she doesnt quite understand. So we say lets go get you a new
cuppie. So we load her up around 9:00 pm only to find out Target
was closed. Dollar store here we come. I don't take my purse and
grandpa has no cash so we are now shopping to make it worth while
to use our debit card. She is finally happy. I forgot to mention the whole
way there she repeats what I had said darnit. And then out of the blue
she starts saying sorrrrrryyyyy. Sorrrrrrrrry. I say it is okay you dont
have to be sorry. I told grandpa had someone told me that story I wouldnt
of said I wouldnt of went back out for the kid I would of made them wait.
And then I laughed and said but she is my shuggie and I would do anything
for her. Just had to share the story..

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