Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun/Jonah's 16th Birthday

This is Miryah. She is our family from Israel. When she left
she was around 13 and now she is 18 and all grown up. She is
beautiful. We are glad to have you with us again even though
she will be joining the IDF army next year.

We celebrated Jonah's 16th at Timber Linn so of course
Londyn had to go feed the ducks.

This was a gift the fam brought back Jonah from Israel.

He looks thrilled doesnt he. But this post is a few weeks late so
by now he has his drivers Lic. Great job Jonah so proud of you.

Love the pic of some of the boy cousins walking together.

Londyn and uncle as she calls him.

Now I have several camping pics to post as we just
got back today from four days of camping . The shower
was awesome. I have been so busy with little time to post.
But nice to hear from several that they look forward to
my updates. So I will try to get better.
Happy Birthday Kim ( my niece 7/25) Joe(7/26) (Josh7/27)

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