Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Camping Trip

Dael and Joelle! This picture was taken for Rebecca who is
still in Israel so that explains the pout.

Josh's (Tracy's) Boys
Seth(left) Michael (middle) and Nathaniel

Doug's brother Terry Joe who was celebrating his birthday
while we were there. Also Melvin the dog. We had 6 dogs
there, it was fun to watch them run free and all get along.
I love this place. Hard Rock has become an annual event for
all of us. I love that it is right on the river. To hear the sound
at bedtime was so refreshing.
Two out of the six dogs. Sierra the big one is Penny's. Scruffy is our dog.

This trip meant alot that Sierra was able to go. She is about
12 and has not been doing well. Although she wasnt her normal
self she is part of the family and w/o her it would be sad.
My other dog Mitzie. She came home black and I took the
dogs straight out back for a bath before I would even let them
I had never seen her so dirty. She had a blast.

At night Joelle would break out her guitar and sing for us.
She is truly amazing.

This was my lap on the way up there. Hard to see but we were loaded
down with no elbow space at all. Thanks goodness for Steve letting us
borrow the big duffle type bag for the top of the jeep. All for now. Still have
more camping pictures to post but the computer keeps freezing. I think
it is time for a new one actually this one is pretty old.

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