Saturday, August 14, 2010

Will miss my girl!

Again posted twice. Sorry about that.
So cute anyways. This was taken for
gammy while I was gone last weekend.

Really using the spoon. Gammy worries about
the mess isnt that terrible. But she does a great
job. She is at that stage she wants to do everything
herself. Jordan and Londyn are staying home while
we go camping this weekend. I will miss her while I
am away. But looking forward to some sun and rest.
Maybe some rafting and bike riding. Hope to get lots
of pictures. Enjoy your weekend.
Just threw this one in. This was Penny and Wendy a good friend
at a Scentsy convention a couple of weekends ago. Think it is a
beautiful picture of both. Wendy planned Jordan's baby shower for
her and did a great job. Now she will be a grandma soon. Her
daughter is having a girl and naming her Bella. Cant wait to meet her.

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