Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls night out!

I know I always hear from my family are you taking a picture
of this or that? But I do enjoy sharing my finds and I am the
first person people ask when they need a picture from a family
event or a picture for a gift or what not! This is my new shower
curtain I got from Brittany's shop The Vintage Market! Which
now has made me add some new colors for fall. I love it!

Couldnt resist this old antique perfume bottle a couple weekends
ago when I was with my mom in Newport.

So this was a great night for a drink, dinner and a girls night out!
What better movie to see than Eat Pray and Love! I read the book
a few years ago and could not put it down, and I am not a reader.
So when I heard the movie was coming out and of all people Julia
Roberts was playing I could not wait. We really had a great time.
Daelene met us for a drink before the movie but could not squeeze
time into her busy schedule for the movie. But it was great to share a
drink and a laugh or two. And Brittany even though it has been 4 short
months I feel like we have been friends forever. She is an amazing person
so talented and I am thankful that she was able to sat time out for Penny
and I. She still had not finished the book but loved the movie also. She is
having an open house next Friday night at her shop if anyone wants to
come. More info coming here.

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