Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missing My Mama!

Sorry posted twice.

This is the view from my sisters condo! We truly had some
amazing weather.
Mom wasnt overly thrilled but she was a good sport. She
doesnt like to get her pics taken.

I truly admire, repect, love this mother of mine. She is an
amazing mother. I love her and find myself missing her every
night now. We laid in bed and held hands for awhile. I am even
tearing up a little just posting this blog.

Wish this one wasnt blurry!

She has always loved the coast. I am so glad we stayed for two
nights. Life gets so busy that we needed to catch up and all relax.

Wanted to get into this shop but never made it. We ate alot and
spent a good portion of the time just resting.

This place is on Hwy 101 and doesnt look like much but my
sister Teresa had been there before and said they had great
seafood. It looks kinda like a whole in the wall (her words)
but is 24hrs and was so good. If you get to Newport you should
give it a try.
Give me a pet or flower and I will snap a picture. I love the colors
of these.

Sure loved the moment. Can't wait to go back. Thanks sister
Teresa for again sharing your place with us. What a blessing.

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