Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things I like

So this weekend my sister Teresa, penny and myself took
our mama to the coast for two nights. We actually thought
we may take her one night and bring her home but she did
really well. More pics to come of that trip. Any how I went to
the scrapstore in Newport of course and bought a few things
(some items were from earlier in the week.) Will I ever scrap
again. I continue to buy with the intent to use all my stuff every
last button and sticker of course.

When in doubt just put on porch. Running out of room just put
on porch. I need to paint the knobs maybe red?

Scrubbed the door and added a sign will change
for different seasons. Love the door!

Londyn's toy chest right at the moment but will use it someday
for blankets. When we were growing up and use to stay the night
at my sister Teresa who had kids our age she had a trunk and we
would go grab blankets at nighttime. I dont know why but that memory
stuck with me and made me want one of these.
I love birds! Londyn always walks by my birds
and says tweet tweet. I love this little bird so much
I had to buy my niece Kim one too for her birthday.

More bird stuff. I thought maybe if I put my cook book out
I might actually cook. Well it was a good idea I thought.
I am very tired and am heading to bed. What a wonderful weekend.
Turns out I am out of town every weekend this month. Next
weekend camping again and then the following one we are spending
with my sister again. Funny how nothing happens and then all at once.
Enjoy your week.

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  1. Yes...paint the knobs red. That would be so cute.. I am glad you had a good weekend. See you sometime this week?


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