Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Free is a good price!

Okay most would look at this and say what the heck are
you going to do with this. I wandered my dad's property one day
and saw this door. I couldnt get it off my mind and thought of
several things I could do with it. So Sunday when I was there I
asked him what he was going to do with it and he said why do you want
it? He didnt even know where it came from so I loaded it up and there
it sits. I need to clean the dirt but will leave it the way it is. Thinking a
nail so I can hang a sign or wreath from it. I know Heidi, Penny and Brittany
can see the potential.

So this weekend was a very productive weekend for me.
Got the carpets cleaned again. Who would even think about
putting white carpets in. I organized all my scrap stuff,
cleaned my whole house, cleaned the garage and labeled alot of
stuff. Seriously dont think I sat down all day Saturday. Sunday
shared the 24hr carpet rental with Daelene. While the guys took that
project over we went and visited my parents. I got to see my great great
niece (pics to come), saw my sister Teresa and her daughter my niece
Sara, brought my door home. Finally got everything put back in place
Sunday evening. Oh cleaned my entire walk-in closet and gave a huge bag
of stuff to Mirah and Joelle, sent some house stuff to the Vintage Market,
Sent some of Londyns stuff to my niece Stephanie, have stuff to go to Kate
for her upcoming baby girl. Good weekend. But exhausting. At the end of
Sunday Penny dropped off a huge bag of fresh Lavender out of her front yard.
So Londyn and I seperated it for the bathrooms. It smells so good and didnt
cost a thing. Thanks Dad and Penny!

Until I get this link added to my blog please check her out. I love this store.
They make it fun just to stop in and get idea's and always have a smile on their

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