Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Moving onto 3rd Grade.

 June 15th 2017 I was able to volunteer at Londyn's school for a fitness Olympic day! I really enjoyed the day.. Her smile melts my heart and I am so proud to be a part of her everyday....

 I love the way she encourages her team mates...

 Mrs Mills was hard to say goodbye too.. Londyn really got attached to her. As I volunteered that day I realized she runs laps around me..

Londyn has decided she wants a parakeet. She wanted a turtle but I think a bird would be much easier and less expensive. We shall see. She is doing chores around our home when she visits and saving her a bird. Happy Summer. Blessings Pam

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Parties and Plants!

 Our son Noah turned 28 on May 25th. We had a party for him Memorial Day weekend. To our surprise it didn't rain this year. Which was great as we had over 40 people at our home.
 I really enjoy his girlfriend Jessica. Looking forward to a vacation to Hawaii with her and Noah in August.
 Her family came from Portland. We met for the first time.
 As you can see we danced and entertained until pretty late into the evening.
 Londyn even had her Lemonade stand up and running.
 I have really gone crazy this year in the yard. Never really had much of  a green thumb before but I must say I am really enjoying the peace it brings me.

 I love my little glass house..

 Have really enjoyed the succulents this year as well. We laid new bark and some new grass also.

 These roses are over 6ft tall and I love the multi colors.
 First year of growing vegetables and fruits. We have strawberries,several tomato plants and pepper plants. Waiting to arrival of the first pick. They seem to be doing quite well.

 I have several hanging baskets. This is the first year I have fertilized and gave plant food. Makes such a difference.

 My motto go big or go home lol. When I get into something I really get into it..

 This past Sunday was a cloudy day and a great day to rest and reflect. Love being able to go into my yard and cut fresh flowers.
 We even have a cherry tree and Londyn enjoyed picking the first red cherries.
Miss Harlow Jaine is 11 months today. You will always find her with a smile like this one pictured above. She is one happy baby. No teeth yet but is crawling all over and walking now. Cant imagine life without these two granddaughters of mine. Have a great June.. Blessings Pam

Friday, May 12, 2017

Just like that she became 10 months old!

 And just like that tomorrow marks her 10 month old pics. I am so in love with all the pics! Jordan has really done a great job with them. Harlow melts my heart, having my dads namesake makes me think of him each time I say it. I love the way she twists her wrists when she See's someone she knows. She is learning to walk and crawl. We are waiting the arrival of her first tooth.

 I have a shed of props that continues to grow just for this reason.

 Look at those cheeks and feet.

 Picture above is how I see her most of the time. She is such a good baby.
 Messy hair and I don't care!

 The way she looks at pampa and the way he lights up during her visits somehow erases the busy week and the stress.

 She has the cutest expressions.

 Her and her cousin Saylor B'nai! Is that the cutest name or what. So glad they have each other.
I have to share my oldest granddaughter Londyn. My friend gave her this broach and said she loves looking at the pictures. She said she can tell how much Londyn loves her sister and is such a big help.Londyn of course took after me her gammy and loves to collect in fact her mommy says she is a hoarder. She loves to collect seashells, rocks and even vintage stuff. As Mother's Day approaches I am so thankful for my family. I love hosting family get togethers and just relaxing and rejoicing in all of my blessings. Happy Mother's Day to all. I cant help but wonder and wish what my mom would think of my girls, the growth of them, I wish she could meet my son's girlfriend Jessica. However I believe she is smiling down on us all. Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!