Friday, May 27, 2016

Baby Shower! 6 Weeks to go!!!

 It all started with a few weeks of mind prep and than details towards the end. It came together nicely with only a few minutes of sprinkles. I was so happy with the outcome and the out pour of love for my daughter and new granddaughter due July 16th.

 Having searched pinterest for days I came up with some really cute ideas. Followed through and was
pretty impressed with myself. I had a great co host in my sons girlfriend Jessica. She made so much food from scratch. I wish I would of taken photo's. I was to busy visiting but was thankful to have invited my friend/photographer Michelle who captured several pictures.

My daughter's fiances mother supplied the cake and the decorator. Thanks for that Carol!

 While gammy(me) supplied the coming home outfit Pampa had a custom shirt made for Londyn. It was a huge hit.

 My sis Penny came and helped and I couldn't of done it without her. She was sure to make sure I sat and enjoyed the gift opening and a plate of food along with several others.

I am so very blessed for all who came and supported Jordan in the arrival of the new baby girl. I cant wait to meet her. God is good. Blessings Pam

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter/Spring Photo's

 Easter 2016, its amazing what Iphones can do now with pictures. My daughter Jordan
took some pics of the kids on the Easter weekend. I love all these photos and want to
turn them into some blk/wht canvases for my wall.

 She loves her older brother Tison so much. He is 9 and she is 7 with a sister on the way
in July.

 I absolutely adore this picture above of her laughing. She always has a smile on her face,
and is such a happy girl.
She got a trim and side bangs and was just so happy. She makes me so happy. I am
starting to plan the baby shower for her baby sister due in July. Time is flying by. Hope
you all had a Happy Easter. Blessings Pam

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Its a Girl!

This pic of Londyn is so blurry. But I love her reaction to finding out it was a girl. She is so excited to be a big sister.
My Girls. I cant believe I will have another due July 16th. I am so excited to be a gammy again. Jordan has another ultrasound April 1st and I get to go to that one. Now to start planning the baby shower. Off to look on pinterest for ideas. Oh how I have missed my blog. Blessings Pam

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours. Blessings into the New Year! Pam

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Its Official! Grandbaby #2

Today was Jordans 1st appt! Baby is the size of a raspberry. Londyn is super excited to be a big sister. Londyn will be 7 in January. I am overwhelmed and blessed. My Thanksgiving and Christmas is complete. Blessings Pam

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Sweets and Some Sweets! Dec 5th 2015

 Londyn had her performance yesterday. She did amazing. She performed ballet first and than her hip hop.
 For several months they have practiced, all her hard work payed off. She really enjoys ballet. She had decided she didn't want to continue with hip hop but to do tap. However after yesterday she changed her mind and wants to continue with hip hop.
 Our son Noah came with his girlfriend Jessica. It was the first time she has met Londyn. She gave her a little owl necklace and I think she won her over. I have really enjoyed getting to know Jessica. She has a kind and giving heart.

Being grandparents really is amazing. I am so very blessed and proud. Next weekend she will
perform in The Nutcracker. She is mouse #7! Which had become her new nickname. I have missed blogging and am reminded that this is my journal. I look forward to many more memories to share. Blessings Pam

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing  you a Happy Thanksgiving! What are you most Thankful for?

We do not remember days we remember moments!