Sunday, January 13, 2019

Just Like that three months went by!

 October 8th at 10:34am we welcomed our third granddaughter Sutton Luella weighing in at 7pnds 9oz and 19.5"
 This is our four Tyson, Londyn,Harlow and Sutton. Cute fall pictures.

 Our first family outing including our son and his girlfriend Jessica and our daughters family.
We enjoyed the day at the pumpkin patch.

 Sutton is a very calm and easy baby.  We are very blessed with our girls.
 Harlow is actually 2 1/2 today Jan 13th. She has been very excited about her baby sister.
She is enjoying sleep overs and is quite comfortable here. She loves coming to Mimi's house.

 Londyn is turning 10 January 30th. She has a complete gym in the garage and loves to practice
for her hip hop and gymnastic. She is quite the performer.

 Jessica is quite the addition to our family.. She is so kind and giving. She loves to cook and host
and we love having her here every other weekend. Would love if she lived closer but I suppose an
hour isn't that far lol.
 Pampa steels the show when he is around.. I suppose its just like when I was raising my kids and
got preoccupied with all the household duties. He gives 24/7 one on one attention when they are
around. I'm it until he walks in the room...

 Londyn and I do have a lot of fun when she is around... We had a little photo shoot during
Christmas with all my signs. I do have a sign addiction..I cant remember but I think I bribed her
with a little hobby lobby shopping trip if she participated...

 Londyn started in early September as she has the last 5 years to perform in The Nutcracker.
Its quite the commitment.. She had to practice every Saturday and could only miss one.. She
really enjoys it. We are quite proud of her. I don't believe I could or would ever perform in such
a crowd..

 We enjoyed Storybook Land this year. It is all volunteers and there is so much work that goes into
their displays. We stood in a long line outside and enjoyed hot cocoa and hot donuts while waiting.
We also went to a Christmas light display and drove through listening to Christmas music. We made
great memories this year.
 Harlow enjoyed hot cocoa during one of her sleepovers. Her smile just melts my heart.

Time goes by way to fast. I hope to be blogging more regular. One focus this New Year is to simplify,
slow down, take more pictures and make more great memories. Blessings. Pam

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Fall Back!

Fall back to the last couple years as we wait for the next fall pictures to come after our third
granddaughter arrives. I tell you I'm learning some real patience at this point... We are almost
or should I say Jordan is almost a week late. I'm sure once the baby arrives it will all be worth

For now I keep my phone close and on at all times.. I look forward to sharing pictures of the glorious day with you when she arrives. Blessings Pam

Friday, September 21, 2018

Heading into Fall!

 This is Miss Harlow Jaine, she is granddaughter # 2! She is such a happy and smart little one. She brings such a smile to my face each day. Her baby sister is due anytime and we couldn't be more excited to meet the little one.
 Added a little fall to the playhouse.. Still need to find the perfect twinkle lights.. Harlow loves her playhouse... I won the Mimi's Lane sign and it couldn't be more perfect! Londyn calls me gammy and Harlow calls me Mimi. I'm curious to see what the newest one will call me.
 I love making gifts and Dyi projects. These globes were something I made a few years ago. I
wish I had more time to spend making things.
My collection continues to grow with Rae Dunn. I love each morning being able to grab
a mug of choice that fits the day.. 

Its about time to get the cocoa bar going again... I love making cocoa with the grand kids and
a little air popped popcorn goes so well. They also enjoy watching it pop...
I bought this wreath over the summer. It just had the white roses on it. I added some fall pumpkins
and twigs. Londyn helped hot glue and put it together... This weekend I will go to a couple fall/Harvest shows and hope to come home with some pumpkins.. Hope you have a great weekend..
                                                                                          Blessings Pam

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Playhouse DIY

This is a before shot of the playhouse I bought from a friend.. I redid it for the grand kids.. However I think there was a little part or big part that did it for me lol..

 I hate painting.. I wish I could find a love for it.. Once I got the first coat of prime on it I was on my way to wanting to get it done...
 Come inside and see the transformation. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and am still wanting to add more embellishments like a house number, light above the door, some twinkle lights etc..

 Found the cute greenery at Hobby Lobby and was able to incorporate some of my Rae Dunn collection to it as well.

 Little Miss Harlow was pretty impressed. This will be perfect also for the newest addition joining our family in October... I keep reminding her its Harlow's house and not MiMi's house lol. I want to add a couple cute crates with cookware and maybe an apron also... I cant take the credit as with instagram and pinterest there was so many cute ideas including the one pictured below... I love following her feed...
I have taken a long break from blogging and am hoping to get myself reconnected with it as I miss it so much. Have a lovely day.. Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!