Saturday, March 25, 2017

I have a barn door!

 Let me start by saying I entered a giveaway back in December through instagram and facebook.
 My husband and I made the agreement we would not buy for each other this year as we get what
we need when we need it etc. I was so happy to have woke up one morning to this amazing win.
Now to pick out the door I wanted, I would have to learn patience through this experience. I am
not patient at all. If I buy a gift I cant hold onto to it, I have to give it right away. This would turn
into a 3 month project, so you can imagine how hard this was for me. We have a friend we call our
fixer upper his name is Frank! Now he is really busy and I get him in between projects or when he
has 5-30 mins. So that is where the patience comes in. First I would have to pick my door, than decide where it was going to go. Next have Frank over to help me build it, measure it and place the order over the phone. I must tell you is amazing and has excellent customer service. They are prompt and ship out quickly. I chose the Ranch style. Our home is built in the 70's and has lots of possibilities when it comes to fixing up. I am loving the dark woods in my home. Our last home was newer and all white. This home I feel like it is a farmhouse style.
I was so excited one day to pull in the driveway and see the package there. Now on the left is the finished project. It would have to be assembled. I could of had it come assembled but I saved $500-$600.00 having it sent unassembled. More patience. Can you believe it sat about three weeks before we would start the project.
 We have a two story house and I decided I needed more food space. I decided to turn the underneath
staircase storage into a pantry.
 This was what I had ick! You know when you move in someplace and its just one of those places no
one sees and you kinda forget about it. It always bugged me. So we finally had the incentive to get
 Painting is not one of my strong suits but I actually once involved got excited for the finished project.
 This is what we came up with. We have since added baskets and more racks.
 Finally the day would come when we started to put it together. Only to find out it was to tall.
Oh my imagine my disappointment. Now Frank would have to brainstorm. I waited a few more
days, wondering if I would have to put it somewhere else.
He decided to shave a few inches off, which really made me sad to have to cut on this beautiful
door. However he did a great job and you could never tell.
 Here it is installed. I am in love with my door!
 My granddaughter peeking around the corner lol.

Where does it stop? Now I want to switch out baseboards and replace all the outlets. This door was
truly such a wonderful gift. I am so blessed by this win! I am enjoying having a pantry and feeling it
up. Its not perfect by any means but it works for me. Thanks for letting me share with you my barn door. Have a great weekend. Blessings Pam

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

8 months Already!

Little Miss Harlow Jaine turned 8 months yesterday. Time goes by so fast. Already talking about her 1st birthday plans. She is such a happy baby.

 I love this one above. She looks like she is ready for trouble.

 Her big sis Londyn is such a good helper and they sure love each other. Being a gammy has sure changed me. I am so much more relaxed and less stressed than I use to be.
Sunday we had a taste of spring. Windows open, children playing outside, lawnmowers going. Now we have down pouring of rain. Gets me excited though. Hope your enjoying your day. Blessings Pam

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Enjoying the little things.

 Had a glitch for awhile with my blog. Sure missed it but finally figured it out. I was blessed over
the holidays with some facebook and instagram wins. So many treasures.
 I won a $300 store credit to where I
picked out the ladder,laundry basket, and vase pictured above. I love Magnolia and hope to someday
go to Waco to visit the shop and bakery.

I also won credit to where I chose this beautiful lantern.
 This farmhouse print was also a win from instagram. The tray came from Magnolia also.

 I love my picture board at the end of the table. It always is a reminder of the blessings I have.
 I received the candle burning above from yet another win. I love my instagram and spend way to much time on my phone but remind my husband that there is worse things I could be doing with my time. lol
 My sis (twin) and I had birthdays the 19th of Feb and I loved buying her this Edwards sign through She has some wonderful things. I have also won several items from her in the past and have bought several items as well.
I made this Welcome window for my sis also. The window came out of the rafters of my dads shop
that was demolished this last year. I have one also and it brings me joy to have a reminder of him each time I look at it. We are starting a pantry project this weekend and will be installing a barn sliding door. I cant wait for the finished project. Feeling inspired as spring approaches. We returned from Disneyland the first week of Feb, Valentine's Day, and three birthdays just finished needless to say it has been a very busy month. Hope your all enjoying your day. Blessings Pam

Monday, December 5, 2016

Getting into the spirit of Christmas!

 The Vintage Roost is always a place that is magical to me. Always puts me in the spirit. So much time and effort goes into each show Debbie puts on.

 My daughter and I got to spend some time together with my youngest granddaughter Harlow Jaine. She will be 5 months on the 13th of this month.

My other granddaughter got to spend the day with her other grandparents and went to the Candy Cane express train ride. She told me all about it this morning on the way to school. So happy that she was able to do this. This week she will perform in The Nutcracker. I am so proud of her. Hope you all are enjoying the month of December. Blessings Pam

Saturday, November 5, 2016

October/Fall Recap!

 October flew by this year. Loved the fall photo's my daughter took of the kids.

 Londyn is such a big helper when it comes to her little sis Harlow Jaine. Who goes by Jaine
Jaine or Jainy Poo. Not sure she will ever know her real name. Londyn calls her Har Har!

 We went over one evening while they did their pumpkins. The kids tried the melting of crayons. I
like how they turned out.

 I also went with them for downtown trick or treating. The weather was amazing that day and they had a lot of fun. Londyn of course was a deer, Harlow was a lamb. I was so impressed with Londyn's costume and the effort her parents and Auntie put into it.

 My little lamb with be 4 months on Nov 13th. How is that possible. She is such a sweet
Jordan(my daughter) will be 26 on the 8th of Nov. I am so proud of her and the mother she is. I am
sure I was as busy raising my two kids, but I look at her daily tasks and how well she handles everything. She is an amazing cook. Not sure where that came from as I am not much for cooking. Happy Birthday Jordan. I am so blessed to be your mom. Blessings Pam

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer Sale/ Lemonade Stand/ Shed Wonders!

 My sis Penny and I had our 2nd yearly shabby sale.. One reason I decided to stick it out with the
high 90's and one day 108 was for my granddaughter Londyn's Lemonade Stand. I had it custom
built for her and promised she could have it during my sale. She was so tickled about it. I added the
baskets and  the open closed sign. I need to find some more fake lemons and limes and I think it will
be finished. There is a cute cash drawer in the back. It also has wheels which makes it great for moving around.
 For two days straight we worked in the hot sheds, pricing and staging. So much work as we were not
very organized this year. Last year I made cute stamped tags and had a lot more furniture. As I look at what we had I think we had some really cute stuff. Some of it actually made its way back in the shed as I just couldn't part with it.

 My friend Heidi scored these treasures above. I love seeing each persons wants and how we were
able to accommodate so many.
 The items above were some I just couldn't part with. How cute would this rusty pail be with some fall mums in it.

When we bought this house a couple years ago one of the reasons was these sheds. I wanted to start a business and even named it The Shabby Hoot! It has a door that connects the two where I could stock one side and restock the other through the doors. They were never completely finished and my hope this year is to get electricity to them. As much as I would love to do that I am just not sure at this time this is the direction I am going in. I think I will get the one with the windows finished and make it my very own shabby space. Clean it up a little and have flowers next year in the window etc. While I have many years to go and sound like my mother I think when I am retired this would be a great hobby for me. To buy and sale at my leisure. At the moment I will enjoy the shed being empty. Who am I kidding my trunk was full and already unloaded into it. Enjoying the rest of the summer. Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!