Sunday, August 22, 2010

Playing House Today

As if two dogs and a cat wasnt enough we added a fish to it!
Took Londyn to Petco to look around at the fish and birds
and came home with him. She named him Fishie!

This came out of an old house. I think Brittany said they tore it
down. Not sure there is a story behind it though and it is real old.
When I said oh I so want this she said well bring some of your stuff
down and consign it so that is what I did and guess what I got it!
I so love this peace. I even love the old smell.
What a great gift for someone. I found these at Goodwill for 99cents.
stick a ribbon and tealight in them and what a cute gift they will make.

I love garage sales of course I have told you that already.
Love fabrics and pillows just wish I could sew!

Duvet cover for a quilt I have just love the colors.
Other than that just playing around arranging things in the
house today. Cant seem to get myself in the shower but maybe
after a few more blogs I will get there. Oh and put roast and
potato's in crock pot for dinner. Yum

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