Monday, July 5, 2010

Who needs a petting zoo/4th of July

These are all at my parents. I was saying we needed to take
Londyn to a petting zoo and then I thought well lets just take
her to grandpa and grandma greats house so on the 4th that is
what we did. I think mom and dad have almost 2 acres where
they are at. Growing up we had horses, raised rabbits, several
breeds of dogs, goats that we actually showed at 4H, geese,
chickens, doves, pigeons, a pet skunk named Blossom, a pet
turkey named Tom, he was the coolest turkey, we would pat
his tummy and he would dance for us. He came up missing and I
cant help but wonder if we had Tom for thanksgiving. Anyways
we had a fish pond, several fish tanks, birds all sorts, I truly believe
about the only thing we didn't have was a cow and pig. We even had
a donkey. It sure makes for good memories.

On our way I couldnt help but take pictures of the American
Legion as it was still smoldering. It was a somber moment and I
think Jordan thought I was silly but it was over 90yrs old and we
grew up right around the corner. We had just had Tony's 40th
birthday there in December and I can remember going there a
few other times. Kinda ironic that it would burn down on the 4th.
Any fire is sad and losing anything of sentimental value can not
be replaced. Having family members that lost everything in a fire
and knowing to this day they still think about them is still hard. My
parents all so had a fire many years ago and I still hear stories from that.
So call me wierd but pictures and blogging is something I treasure.
On a lighter note I joked that we were going to have our own
fireworks with this pot of beans I made for the 4th if you know
what I mean. Doug drove to Portland to help pick up family
flying in from Israel, I sent Jordan with her friends and kept Londyn.
I stayed home to be with our little dogs as they dont care for the noise.
So it was quiet for me. Noah ended up being with me as well. After a long
day at work. Enjoy your week!!!!

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