Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moments Like These

Her response when we said "Do you want to go feed the Ducks?"

Tried to tell her the bread was for the ducks and not her!

Love this one in mid air....

This little girl is my saving grace. I cant even explain the love
I have for her. Her mommy has been sick and so we took her
so she could rest. She is feeling better finally after three long
weeks. I am sure we will be doing this again real soon. Enjoy
the nice evening. Oh it is almost 11:00pm so what is left of it.


  1. Hello lady! I never see you anymore! Luckily you have a twin sister! I finally got our blog going so you should check it out as well as let me in on the tricks to getting it to look cute like yours. I am so computer illiterate! The site is There is not much there right now but I will work on it more tomorrow! I hope things are going great for you! Brittany


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