Monday, June 21, 2010

Do You Pray?

I must ask all who pray to say a prayer for Stephanie over at I have read her blog for sometime now.
Tonight when I felt like I just wanted to throw in the towel sort of speak I went
to my nightly blog as I always do and felt led to ask for prayer for her. She is such
an inspiration to me and so many..
Tonight was a night of puke!! The dog vomited up, londyn mangaged to get several
spots on the white carpet downstairsof vomit too. I will spare you anymore details and decided
not to take pictures, Jordan is sick in bed and went to the doctor today. I hope tomorrow
will be a better day for all. It make me feel better that Penny and I share most everything
so when she told me she went home to a puking and pooping dog on her carpet I felt
a little better. Her dog Sierra has been part of the family for over 12yrs. We all love her.
She is not doing very well. I know Penny is really worried. I will say a prayer for her as well.
Off to bed...

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