Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am Blessed and Thankful

Jordan at Aunt Sandy's not exactly sure how old
Noah and Jordan on the left, Mikhail and Tory on the right

So I am blessed and thankful for computers and family. I took
these off of Sandy's facebook. Actually I dont have one so Penny
has one and I got them from hers. Any how this is Grandma Opal
my mother-in-law. I was so blessed with wonderful inlaws. I adored
them both. Doug's dad went home in 1991 and his mom in 2006. His
parents and my parents got along very well. It could'nt have anything
to do with three of us married into three of them? I sure miss the Happy
Birthday singing grandma Opal would do on your birthday. She would
call and sing to you and she never forgot. Always a smile on her face and
never never a ill word towards anyone.

Grandpa Eulus and Tory..
So this week has been so crazy. Seriously
not much time do be on computer or anything.
But today J returns from a four day vacation to
O'dell lake up in the mountains with her boss(Aunt)
my brother and her cousin. She didn't take Londyn so
that explains the lack of blogging on my part. Sure glad
she is home. However we have had a great time with her.
We took her to Avery Park yesterday and then to the
Humane Society where she saw Kitties and Doggies. I did
tell myself before going in that I was not falling in love with
any of them as I need nothing more to take care of. However
anyone looking for a kitty let me know. My parents have two
litters. One litter is ready to go now. About five weeks old..
I spent two nights stressing over my renewel of my Olcc liscense
for work. (Alcohol). Anyways card came in yesterday and I got
100%! Sweet. Off to do some chores.

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  1. Old pictures and memories are the very best and so great to look back on. Blessings!!!


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