Monday, May 31, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

This is the view outside my front door. So our home has had
leaks every since it was built. About 41/2 yrs ago. Most homes
in this neighborhood have issues. Frustrating but you take the
good with the bad. Anyways they are finally getting to it. I have
longed for a day when it rained that I wouldn't have to open the
coolers in the garage to collect the rain. Finally they came about
3wks ago. Took off the siding put plastic up and that has been all.
Dont know when they will return. However the potty house came
last week so I assume they might be here anyday.. It will be nice to
finally have it done. Hopefully before it gets to hot as the front windows
are of no use to us now.. Apparently I must be desperate for a blog as
I am outside taking pics of outhouses. Enjoy your evening.


  1. thats awesome...not really but that you blogged it... :)

  2. Ahhhhh... good... they will fix it. If you decide to go into that potty just for grins and smiles, know that the soap in the little sink really isn't a bar of soap or a sink... it is a deodorizer and a boys pee pee toilet... trust me on this one. I may know someone that really messed up on that one and smelled as a combo of urine and a pine tree about 20 minutes until she figured it out. It is a tough world out there... SHEESH!


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