Sunday, May 2, 2010

Desperate for a blog

Found this one day while out with Penny. Havent found a
place for it yet and you can tell I am keeping up with changing
the dates. NOT!!

Finally got this shelf hung up. One of those projects that just
sits there for quite sometime. But sure like where I put it.
Have some ideas for this wall. I have some window panes that
I want to try adding some blk and wht photo's in them. Hope
to start that this week.

And of course one more layout of Londyn. Wow cant believe
how well the colors go with my upstairs bathroom. Think it
would be funny to frame in and put it up. Probably not.. She
just turned 15mo and is a sponge at learning. She amazes me.
She is off the bottle now. And says potty and runs to the potty.
She hasnt went yet but it wont be long I am sure. Lazy day today,
just managing to head to the shower, cleaned house, took a nap,
and hoping for a good night sleep. Enjoy your week...

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