Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my mama!!

I was wondering how I managed to be the person I am today.
And then tonight when I got ready to post this I realized why!
It is because of the mom I have. She is the most wonderful mom
I could ask for. She raised her kids with good morals and a good
heart. I remember certain memories growing up about her. I loved
when she cleaned she would hum and whistle it was neat to watch
and listen to her when she was on a roll. She one time drove myself,
Penny and either my niece Kim or Mary one night to Salem when
we were into Portland wrestling and they were performing at the Salem
armory. We got lost and drove around for a while. I dont think she wanted
to but she did. She worked graveyard for most of our growing up and looking
back I know she didnt get much sleep. She never complained. When we were
in grade school she would take us to Taco Bell everyday after school so that
we could get these glass disney cups and we ended up with a really nice set.
She saved them for us when we left home she gave them to us. The other day
when I stopped she was in her room sitting at a table with her glasses on
working on a coin set in a really nice glass case. She said I am working on this
for you each kid will have one. It made me cry. She made sure we never went
without even if she had too. What more can I say I love you Mom with all my
heart. Happy Mother's Day!!

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