Friday, May 28, 2010

This and That

Oops posted twice. She loves her pretties as she calls them.

Does'nt look to thrilled?

She loves her purse from Penny!

Mikhail and Noah getting ready to go out. Cant believe they
are both 21 now.

I was annoying him by following him around taking pictures.
I was also giving them lectures on the dues and dont's of going
out. As you can see I am up late wondering how they are doing.
They were meeting up with their cousin Lacey who turned 21 in
Jan, Mikhail in April and Noah Tuesday. Noah is suppose to help
in the yard tomorrow. We shall see how he is feeling! Enjoy the

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  1. Handsome young men you have there! I am glad to see their faces. You can tell they are not only cousins but great friends. How fun is that? And of course... she is always a dollbaby!


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