Saturday, June 19, 2010

Does this expain

Why I haven't Blogged!!!! Yes this is what my life has come
too. I am hoping I am almost over this stuped cold. I dont
feel bad now just weak and my ribs hurt from hours of coughing.
No sleep. I should just get up instead of spending hrs trying.
Jordan went to the doctor finally this week. She was given 3
prescriptions. She is feeling better also. She has had this thing
for like three weeks. I spent the day cleaning and sanitizing along
with stripping the beds. Sorry do try to keep this on the positive side.
Enough whining.

Another find at Heidi's that I just got hung up after a week of
sitting on counter. The little plate I have had but reminds me of
Kate everytime I see it. It is the butterfly I think!

So the first crappy day of this cold I came home
from a day at work you know restraunt work,
literally wading in the bus tubs of messy gross stuff
wanting to walk through the car wash next door just to
shower. Feeling like stripping in the garage before I even
walk through the door. Oh yea stay positive. So that evening
here comes Penny with this birdhouse from her and Brittany
who owns my fav store downtown the Vintage Market. They
went in on it together and sent it my way. I love it. Thanks

Check out the fresh new grass growing.
Finally after a week sitting on my front porch
i got these flowers potted last evening. Bought
the pots last year and couldnt wait to use them.
After resting and waking up from a nap today I found this. Is
she not adorable. She had a playdate with Lily today. She is
J's friend Breanns baby. She was so excited . That is the second
playdate in a row. Yesterday she played with her cousin Opal.
She is at that age where you dont tell her what she is doing for the
day or she will hound you all morning. She was so excited she kept
going to the door saying park and Breann. She enjoys watching golf
and soccer with her grandpa. But today I think she is just plain
pooped. And so am I! All for now. Enjoy your weekend. Happy Fathers
Day to all Fathers. I work tomorrow and I hope afterwords to go see

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