Monday, October 28, 2013


Was going to try and make one of these little ghosts but while junkin Saturday I found one for $10.00! I just couldn't pass it up.

 This little scale is missing the top but I don't care I love it and for $3.00 I couldn't pass it up either.
 Look at the detail on this owl. At least I think it is an owl! I love it also.
 Flower frogs have a soft spot in my heart. Don't know why I just started collecting them.
 I spotted this pulley and I really really liked it. It was $8.00 I looked at it and thought how much I could do with it. The little wheel on the right still works. Maybe I will add a scale hanging in my kitchen or a basket. I will share as soon as I decide.

So I purged last week and bought this weekend. Hmn not exactly what I should of done. Well of course that is what I had in mind. Clear for more. lol! Hope you have a wonderful week. I cant wait to share a couple beautiful pictures of my daughter and granddaughter Trick or Treating at our local downtown event. Blessings Pam


  1. fab finds,pam! esp love the white scale--i've been looking for a white one:) have a great time on halloween!

  2. Great finds! Have fun on Halloween with Londyn! :)


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