Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Day!

 The window pictured above had been sitting in my office in a corner waiting for something to do with it.  I finally was inspired to pull some rub-ons out and add to it, along with a cute knob and key, Darn I wish it was pictured. It turned out cute I think?
This weekend we have had some beautiful weather. I am so thankful for it. It allowed us to get the yard mowed and porch cleaned. Its amazing how the grass is so green now with the rain we have had. I already have moss, algae, slugs, mushrooms, and so many weeds. We wrapped up my friends fall shabby sale Friday night. Two weekends of it. Wow so much work to put together and tear down. It is alot of fun though and so worth it. The three pillows pictured above came from there. I am loving the color Pink right now even though it should be Orange! Well I am off to do some chores before work tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine. Blessings! Pam

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