Monday, October 7, 2013

Whats your Story?

What's your story was the perfect title for this picture I thought! So I ask you what is yours. My story as of now is I am getting ready to go to work. I only work 5 to 6 hours a day and wonder how you all do 8, 10, or 12! There is never enough time to get it all done. Most days I pick my granddaughter up after daycare as I get off work earlier than my daughter. We make our daily stops which normally is for a treat, maybe mail something at the post office, which has a  gift store in it. She loves to shop with me. Sometimes we stop off at Petco to see the pets, goodwill (which she calls the toy store)! Most times she talks me into keeping her a few hours. Today I have a feeling she will want to play waitress and take my food order (pretend).
I had a productive weekend, a wrap up of a shabby show I participated in, a produce stand where I bought several pumpkins, and some corn husk, some house cleaning and a good movie! I hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings Pam


  1. Pam, your daily time with Londyn is so sweet!! You're right, though-seems like never enough time to get everything done!

  2. hey pam, good to see you are well! havent been around much lately, but you know how it is ; we all get so busy!!! there isnt ever enough time unfortunately!!!

  3. enjoy your time with her, pam:) love that story card!

  4. How sweet and special...and nice for your daughter too!!


We do not remember days we remember moments!