Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Week of Mourning

So this is the view outside of our window or has been for the
last 4 years. I have enjoyed the wildlife, nature and peace.
We have had rabbits and babies and watched them grow up.
Birds of all kinds, cats of all sorts, ducks, eagles, vultures,
get the point.
We new it was coming but could not prepare ourselves for the
sadness we were going to feel. Yes Wal-Mart is breaking ground.
And yes in our back yard. This is right up against our fence. Every
day we watched in horror as they took it all away from us. Silly I know.
This is a picture before they starting draining the pond. Where
will the birds settle and the fish and ducks. They were all flying
around in such a panic it was so very sad.

Truck after truck went by!

Again right outside of our fence.

By the end of the week. They got so close with their bull dozer
they stripped our fence of pieces of privacy.

This is the pond today.. Slowly draining. I have not seen anyone
try to remove the wildlife or relocate them either. I have always
been so excited to get new buisnesses but have never been on the
end of it to see what it takes to build one and what is lost.
This was this evening as the water continues to go away.

Look at the shadow of the bird in the water. Amazing!

So by the next few days the water will be gone. We will have
I heard like 900 parking spaces back there. Dust in the house from
all the dirt, and noise for the next couple of years. I am sure I will
shop there when it is built but for now I am mourning the loss of
what was..


  1. You don't need to support them in any way Pam....they don't care about anyone or anything but themselves and the almighty profit!

  2. that sucks pam....just sad...i am so disappointed...


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