Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Layout/ Busy weekend

This is the second layout recently. I so enjoy doing it and wish
I had more time. However Londyn had picture's done again with
Jenny from Classy Capture and I pick the cd up tomorrow. So I will
be making sometime to scrap those of course. Everytime I think I
cant be as impressed as the time before, but Jenny is amazing. It
is so nice to have a photographer that has developed a relationship
from the beginning.

These two are apart now for atleast four if not five
days. Jordan is away on a business trip. They will miss
each other terribly. But she is in good hands. I am so
proud of Jordan and she really likes her new schedule.
This is a little desk I found at yes you named it the Vintage Market.
I am calling it my scrapdesk. It is perfect for one layout at a time.
When I am not done with it I can put it inside with all my product
that I am working on. It also has a little spot on top to put a layout on
display. It is perfect. Thanks Brittany. Have to find more to sell now for
more credit.

Okay back to myself! Made dinner tonight. Marinated chicken
along with all the side dishes. Had some sort of stomach bug yesterday.
I had just said a few days ago how I had not been sick in bed for a very
long time and Bam! Came home went to bed yesterday, back up for awhile
and then off to bed again. So glad it went away so quickly. Well off to bed
now. Hope you all enjoy Labor Day weekend.

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