Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Friend Kate

Sage Patch

Is she not the cutest pregnant lady. Girl on the way in about
6/7 weeks. Adding a girl to the two boys and a girl already.

We planned this about a month ago with the promise not to
cancel. I hadnt seen her in several months. We worked together
at the scrap store. I was nervous as silly as that sounds getting ready
wondering would my perfume make her sick, if I took a coffee would
the smell make her sick, should i have air in the car, should i row the
windows down so on and so on. Silly huh. We got together and picked
up right where we left off. There are few you can do that with. I had
a wonderful day. I have more pics to share of other places we went but
will post later. I hear breakfast calling my name.

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  1. Hi there! It was so nice to meet you, your friend and your sister! I also met your boss! :) I loved meeting all of you and want to thank you so much for coming out and introducing yourselves! Love the pics you took...very sweet of you to post them. To follow my blog, go back over to visit and just below where it says SAGE PATCH PALS, click 'FOLLOW'. I'm excited about my upcoming Giveaway Challenge!...will announce this after a few more days of rest!


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