Monday, January 24, 2011

Layouts and an Engagement

These all got out of order and is slow as my laptop is I am
not going to even attempt to fix it. Anyhow Rebecca in the
middle (black sweater) our goddaughter flew in from Israel
on Saturday with her fiance. It had been two years since she
has been to the states. We couldn't of been more thrilled.

Amazing couple more pics to come but wanting to surprise
them so dont want to share all. But the turnout was amazing
Sunday with 40 plus people. Robert will be here a short week
and Rebecca three weeks. Even his father flew in for a day and
was there to meet all.

Yes wouldnt be a post w/o pic of the twins.

Londyn got a hold of this layout which explains the wrinkle.

Penny's son on left and mine on the right. Cousins all are so
close. The three of them were all in Israel together. We were
in Hawaii for the birth of Ehrinn(Rebecca)in 1987. She will be
24 in August. She is serving in the IDF military in Israel.
Last weekend when I went to the coast I took one bag of scrap
stuff so this is what I had to work with. It is hard not having everything
at hand but I like the way it turned out. Jordan is home after a week
away on buisness. Learning alot. I am proud. Dont know all the details
but they had an interview with a football player from the Philidelphia
Eagles. Glad she is home as Gammy needs a break.. And her own bed..

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