Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love my kids

These two love the camera.. Yesterday we saw
Jenny at Classy Capture and had Londyn's 2yr
photo's done. She will turn 2 on the 30th. Time
flies. We already have viewed the pictures and I
love them all. Cant wait to develop them.. If you ask
Londyn what she wants for her birthday she will tell
you birthday cake and party hats..

Okay Noah I hope you dont mind I took off Facebook. Think
their might of been some drinks involved in this one. I love
how close the cousins have grown up to be. Lacey just turned
22 this month and Mikhail will follow in April and Noah in May.
Did I mention how time flies.
I haven't blogged much lately mostly due to my laptop going on
the fritz. My camera card fits in that computer. I dont have a card
reader for my desktop.. I hope I dont mess this one up as I seem to
mess any computer up I touch. I think I overload with to many blogs
or something.
Otherwise not much to blog boring week, been unproductive I do have
one more layout to add to my collection and hope to do some more this
weekend. Have a great night. It is almost 11:00 so most are probably

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