Sunday, October 2, 2011

Change is good right?

So today I got my haircut~and wont show a picture cause I am having a little anxiety. For me it is a change. I have bangs now and not sure what to do with them. Several layers and my hair falls out of a pony tail now. Why didn't I do this during summer? Oh well it will grow back right? So off to some pictures of what I did over the weekend.
Remember this
There for a week and then moved it again. My family is constantly saying why mom?
But I just get itchy to move things around. It is now here:

I had these below where the bench is now and now they are in my scraproom.

I bought these several years ago with the intent to put them in my one day scraproom and now they are
finally there. I did some purging of some stuff I dont use and now I just need to put things back where they
 This door made it out of my scraproom I just never cared for it in there. It is white on one side and pink on the other.

Still adding some color for fall around the house.  It has been raining this weekend. Which is nice around
here because of the Wal-Mart construction going on. It has cleared some of the dust all over the place. We had my favorite little tree fall in the front yard last week due to the tiny wind storm we had. I will miss seeing the birds eat out of the feeders. Looking forward to catching up with my parents tomorrow when I spend the night with them. Enjoy your Sunday! Happy Birthday to my brother-law-Steve!
Hope your day is great! Blessings Pam

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