Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Full Weekend!

My weekend has been very busy! Started with ending working Friday night, stopping at parents with dinner and a quick clean-up of kitchen and visit with parents. Then home where Londyn spent the weekend with us. Saturday to see some friends for a quick scrap!

These are my friends from the days of The Scrap Yard! I love that we can pick up where we left off.
It was fun to catch up with them.. Lets not wait so long in between next time! Came home grabbed Londyn
went and visited Penny and then off to get her a pumpkin. Then the new Lion King movie. Home and watched movie.  A friend Tom dropped off some free goodies. Love them. Thanks again Tom!

 Free stuff out of a wood pile! Free is such a good price! Who can refuse!
 Thought of the perfect place for the gate! Remember the tree that I mentioned that fell in the front yard last week. Well yes it was dead anyways but loved my little tree of sticks. So added it to my twigs on the porch.
 This box was in the wood pile. Yes I had to have it too. And of course more burlap! love it!
I Gammy had to have another pumpkin when Londyn got hers.. Sunday a day cleaning my house, spending time with Londyn and then off to my friend Brittany's daughters second birthday party. Little Reece made out. And of course her mommy went all out! Did I ever tell you how talented this girl is!
                                                                    Candy shoppe Birthday!

 Just had to snag some pictures of the kid's rooms! Sooo dang cute!
 Londyn was so shy at first but then she was all over the place! I finally snuck her out as she was trying to
open all the presents.
Took lots of pictures, hmn maybe a birthday present in the works for Brittany as her birthday is coming up! Took Londyn home and now home and going to finish my housework and maybe a good movie to end
the weekend. Enjoy your Sunday! Blessings Pam

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  1. So great to see you and catch up....let's do it again soon....


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