Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Pictures!

Most of you already got your fall cards in the mail but for those that didn't or just read my blog I thought I would share! Brittany and Beverly I ran out of envelopes so your not forgotton just late.

I would like to take credit for these pictures but I cant! Jordan took them with her camera phone.
I thought they turned out great. She is so dang adorable. She is so excited about Halloween. She is going to be a sailor girl.. So cute! When Jordan was pregnant I thought the name Saylor Olivia would of been so cute. I cant believe this is her third year of Halloween. Where does the time go. Hope it is dry for them tomorrow. Have lots of birthdays this week. I will be posting some as I have been getting them ready. Dael, Starla, Jordan, Mom, my mother in laws, watch out! Also Brittany's the following week. Had good visit with parents today, a little cleaning, resting, visiting over the weekend. with family. Looking so forward to next Saturday with a tea party that Penny and I were invited to like last year. Our friend Wade bought us tickets and one for mom. She said today she would like to go. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Enjoy your Sunday evening. Blessings Pam

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  1. Such a cutie! I have always loved the name Saylor too...I am hoping that one day my niece will get to use it.


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