Monday, October 17, 2011

Sharing some beauty!

Everyone always asks me being a twin if we have the same taste! Well we do but we still decorate a little different. If I can be honest(sorry Pen). When we were growing up her side of the room was absolutely a
disaster. I use to get so frustrated. But now she in some ways is so much more organized and cleaner than me. So I was over for a Duck party the other night and snapped these:

Sorry they are dark. I started to use the flash and didn't like the lighting as well. However I guess by looking at these I should have! The pictures above our some in her kitchen.

 So we both have a door like this of course I like hers better. Oh and if you ever get rid of the little
white shabby stand it is MINE!
 Brittany made the ruffle pillows for her.
 The fireplace was bought at a garage sale- dont quote me but I think for $20.00. Brittany painted it for her and they took out the middle because it didnt work. She still is going to sand it for her and give it the shabby look!
 Ladder was a goodwill find for $5.00

 The chandlier is MINE too if she ever decides to get rid of it. That is one thing we are different about.
She doesnt keep things as long as I do. I have a harder time letting something go. The window pane to the right is something I made her of our family pictures.

 I have always loved the chair and especially like what she did with it. Ruffled bag made by Brittany.
I have one on preorder..

Okay well helpful hint do not drink a bottle of wine while posting! I messed up the order and am to lazy
to change it. This is Penny my sister. Without you I am nothing. You are my best friend. I love you so very much. We havent spent much time with each other lately. I know that sounds strange as we work together
4 days a week and for the most part see each other throughout the weekends. But at work we are working.
So not much time spent together really. She is dealing with back pain and it really does bother me when she hurts. She never complains (harldy ever). Always has a smile on her face. She is truly the most giving
person I know. Throughout the family she is known for that. Thanks for sharing your home with me and allowing me to take photo's. She is also known for the most smelling home. You can stand on the sidewalk and smell her home. It doesnt hurt to be a scentsy rep! Enjoy your evening. Blessings Pam

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  1. Thanks for the peek into Penny's house. I miss seeing her too....


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