Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scatter Brained this weekend.

Tried to do what Brittany did with her light.
Mine is the top hers is the bottom. We used different
cloths so mine didn't look like hers. I actually would
like mine to look more wrinkled like hers. Maybe if I
ask real nice she will come help me fix it. I say I was scatter
brained because I was all over the place this weekend. I worked
at dad's yesterday and sold some stuff to our good customer
Barbara again. Then my good brother Jim and I hauled some
more yard ornaments down to the Vintage Market again.
The store looks so amazing. If you get a chance to go check it
out the arrangement they did is way cool~

So while at dad's yesterday I couldn't help myself by picking up
this rabbit feeder off of the ground in the garage. I brought it home
with weird stares from the family. But I just knew it would be cute
somewhere. I was thinking about spray painting it.

This is what I have to work around when trying to make my bed.
Really! They all have to be right there. I mean I dont really mind but
gee whiz.
Tuesday Jordan and Lacey get their keys to their place. While
I am anxious to have some much needed time to myself. I can't help
feeling a little anxiety from it. I know it will be good for all of us. Jordan
going on 21 really needs some independence. It is hard having two mommy's
under one roof. But I know when bed time comes I will be missing my shugs.
Not to mention my house being tore up for a week or two. But always nice
to clean and go through things while we are doing it.
I still have not scrapped in my new scraproom. I have been very busy
organizing and getting everything in one room. I had it everywhere.
Enjoy your evening. Off to watch the Blazers against the Lakers.

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