Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to the work week

This was the cutest thing. Londyn spent the day with
grandma. We seldom have a Saturday to ourselves. She
helped me clean and we stayed busy. I sat down at the
computer for a minute and looked down to see what she was
doing and she was crashed out.

She crawled into my suitcase I have some magazines in. She
played and played. She loves to get all my stuff all over the
place. I am constantly saying cant grandma have anything..
She seems so much older than she is. Maybe it is because she
started walking in her 8mo. She talks alot. She says scuffy
now for Scruffy, baby, kitty, and she trys to repeat things.
She is keeping us busy trying to climb stairs now. We are
hoping to get her 9mo photos taken real soon as we had to
cancel do to her hitting her head week before last.
I watched this Saturday night with Londyn as we had the
house to ourselves.

The guys went to Eugene and watched the Ducks play and
froze while I was nice and warm in my home.
Kate- was so bummed for you about Travis Outlaw. What
a bummer. He will be out quite awhile.
Hope you all have a great week..

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