Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Shugs/ Long Post

I spent the day with Penny yesterday. She picked me up
and we got good coffee's and went to Corvallis where we
went here.
We hadnt been there for awhile. Seemed like we were there
for hours. We talked and talked. Having a twin sister for a
best friend is like no other. We have our own language. We
went to the Goodwill and other places like that. We had a
great day. Thanks so much as I needed some girl time.

This wreath needs some color yet. But will add something

This is probably the most I am going to do this Christmas.
I dont know what it is but for some reason over the summer
during one of my cleaning frenzy's I decided in one of the
garage sales to get rid of all the Christmas stuff. I think I
decided that it was so old and that I would buy new next time.
I hate when I do that cause I always miss something. I dont
think we will have a tree this year. Londyn is so little and would
just get into it all anyways.
This is what my house looks like most of the time. Jordan
works from home and we constantly have boxes of cards
all over. She loves her job and is doing great. What a great
thing, she gets to stay home and not miss out on Londyn.

Thanksgiving was kinda wierd this year. I worked and most
of our families were doing their own thing. I joked that we were
the misfits with no place to go. Doug's sister Norene invited us
over. She put on a feast. I see what Penny meant when she said
she couldn't wait for her dressing. Best of all my sister and brother
were there. Londyn is a grandpa's girl for sure.
Tomorrow Londyn will be 10months old already. Time flies.
Her second tooth is almost ready to cut. She has enriched my
life so very much. She must of missed me yesterday when I got
home she crawled up in my lap and fell right to sleep. No bottle
or nothing. Of course I brought her home another baby doll. She
loves them. She walkes around and kisses them. I love you Shuggy.
Have a great week. Seems like I have became a once a week blogger.

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  1. Thanks Pam.... I really missed out time out together... We may work together,and see each other every day,but getting a chance to be just us,and vist is so nice...I love shugs so much.. Just makes me smile to see her... Happy 10 month Londyn.......Aunt Penny


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