Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When one does the other does

So Penny worked last weekend at the Vintage Market and
I took a turn Sunday.. People always ask do you get tired
of being twins and doing everything together. We never do.
In fact it is just a given if one isnt invited we dont usally go.
We both cant imagine not having each other. We are the best
of friends. We are normally on the phone morning, noon and
night along with working together side by side Mon-Friday.
I brought this fun wreath home that Brittany made. Their is
two sizes this is the small or medium there is still one for sale.
I hope you show me how to make these cute wreaths. Oh and
I bought three cans of aresol chalk paint to play with also hoping
Brittany helps me do something with it. (hint hint)..
I think this long window that looks like a door here
would be so cute with blk/white photo's in them.. It
is for sale for $65.00
Thought of my sister in law Starla when I saw this sign..

Always fun to wear something besides my Izzy's
uniform and apron..
I have picked up like 20 extra hours this week at work so
this will probably be my last blog for the week... Thanks
Danuta for having faith that I can pull off all these double
shifts I will do my best to not let you down...
Still getting use to Noah living a way from home. I miss him.
He is only 20 mins away but I miss him.. I know Londyn misses
uncle too. He stopped by after work and she gave him love and patted
his back it was cute.. His room still sits unfinished and still needs
packed up just havent got done with that yet.. Now Jordan is house
hunting. We drove around this evening looking at places so that will
be the next change in our lives. Cant even give that a thought yet.
Maybe she could leave Londyn here (probably not)!!!
Have a great week.. Beautiful weather love Fall..

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