Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another layout/Another Birthday/ Another Baby on the way

So last night Londyn and I sat at the table and scrapped. Well
she kept her self very entertained and I managed to get one layout

Got you with the title didnt I? Hope you dont
mind Kate that I am posting this. Every woman
wants her picture posted when in labor. I went and
saw Kate yesterday. This woman inspires me!!!
She cooks, bakes sews, scraps, manages a home with
three kids,two dogs and how many cats? Three? Oh
and dont forget the husband... She was sitting at the sewing
machine when I got there getting ready for a evening of
church events with the kids.. Bag packed for the hospital..
Cant wait to meet you Mina Moon!
Oct 31st. Happy Birthday Wendy!
Thought of you today!

I know I know I have posted this picture so many times but
I love them and I dont have to many pictures of momma and
myself.. Tomorrow Nov 1st she will be 81!! I love you so very
much Momma!You are in my thoughts and prayers so many
times throughout the day.
She wont like this one. Sorry mom. But I do.. This was our girl time
at the coast...
Have a good week..

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  1. you are too forgot to add the part where i cried and stomped my feet that the baby didn't come! off to the OB now... more crying to come i'm sure... love you pam... thanks for all the sweet gifts


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