Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch w/o the patch again

So Thursday Jordan left again until today sometime. She
is trying to get home to do the festivities for Halloween.
I had really wanted to take her to a pumpkin patch but was
hoping the weather would be somewhat nice w/o rain. And
Friday it was so spur of the moment getting off work I called
and said today is the day. I got home from work and she
greeted me at the door saying pumpkin patch with a huge
smile on her face. Off we went. By the time we got there we realized
she hadn't slept well the night before got me up at before 6:00am.
And she hadn't had a nap either. We waited to be picked up to go
do the corn maze for like 20mins. Now at her age we decided she really
didn't care as much as gma did so we decided that we would just
skip it and buy her a pumpkin. You can see she was just fine with it.
Now she is napping and we will go see some family and head to Corvallis
where Benton County Fairgrounds puts on a free fun event. Until later...

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