Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Senior customers from Izzy's have been wonderful to Penny
and I through the years.

Wade and his wife invited Penny and I to a fundraiser for the
Brownsville musuem. It was a fun afternoon and the company
and food couldnt of been better. The drive was beautiful and
I wish I would of snapped some of the fall leaves.
Wade has become so dear to us.. He truly is a blessing in our
Life has been so busy I just havent even had time to blog or take
pictures. I get so upset with myself as I started this so that it would
be my daily journal.. My goal is to start doing a better job..
This week has been crazy busy already. The rain has brought massive
leaks to our home AGAIN.. ugh. My dryer quit night before last and I
am one that does not like to pack my laundry so out we went tonight
to buy a dryer. In the process I was so happy to pull my units out and
wash behind them.. Got the dryer hooked up. Started a load in the washer
went downstairs. Decided to run upstairs to check on something only to find
water flooding on to the hall carpet . What the ----! I am thinking this
cant be happening. Did my washer go out? Pulled everything out again
found out when I cleaned the back I must of knocked a hose off of the
washer. That ended with a bottle of wined chilled and opened... Have a
good night..

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