Saturday, February 5, 2011

A layout and Mitzie Mae

My Mitzie Mae is here to stay! I had her groomed today with
the intention to find her a more deserving home. But I just couldnt
find it in my heart to give her up. I felt like she deserved better as
this house is so crazy and always going in different directions.
She needs more car rides and more walks. My cat is an indoor cat
and doesn't demand much. Scruffy is blind and deaf so he is really
know problem either. Mitzie just turned 8 in Jan and seems so young
at heart. She did bark in the middle of the night to let us know someone
was here, 3:00am here comes Noah to spend the night scared the
weebe jeebies out of us. But we realized we need a watch dog. She maybe
little but I bet she has a big bite!!! And look at her ponys in her hair
Think they are for Valentine's Day~

I love this layout one of my favorites I thinks! Love the colors
and how I cut the pictures to give it a 3d effect.. Enjoy your

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