Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thanks Brittany/Room Reveal


Last Monday for my birthday Brittany came and helped

me take Noah's old room and turn into a scraproom. I had been

putting it off as it just seemed like way to much work for me.

It was nice to have her help. She has a knack for decorating.

Still not done with either room as I had a cold last week and

spent the weekend at the Seafood and Wine Festival with two

of my sisters. Had a wonderful time.

This picture does not do justice to this wonderful gift from Brittany.

I had been keeping my eye on it for sometime at her store.. Love it.


Last Layout that I have done. Sorry pics
are out of order but you get the idea.. Enjoy your evening..


  1. Wow love the new space... Cant wait to see the finished room! Thanks for sharing..

  2. i love it! happy to see that fixture found a home...and it's in yours...even better.. can't wait to see this room in person..

  3. Love your room....don't think I'd ever want to leave....


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