Monday, October 5, 2009

Family visits

This is my great niece Stephanie. She is making me a great
great Aunt in January. She is having a baby girl. This was
her first visit with Londyn. She called and wanted to spend
the evening with me. It worked out perfectly. I had the
whole day to myself well I kept Londyn as she has a viral
cold. So it was grandma and Londyn time. Anyways the guys
went to Eugene for the duck game and Jordan babysit for
Crystal in North Albany she had her hands full with four little
kids. So it was a perfect time for Steph to call. We had McDonalds
for dinner and watched t.v..
Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my mom.
I enjoy each moment I get with her. We are heading to Bend next
weekend just mom and her daughters. Cant wait. We are staying
at a really nice place and then heading to Sisters on Saturday for the
fall festival. Cant wait. Have a great week!!

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