Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 8month Birthday Shuggie Faith

Sorry if my pictures are so seperated. This is being slow
and I dont have the patience for it. Anyways let me say
I love you Shuggie Faith. I keep this as a journal for your
mom someday, as I have no memory of these times when
you were little. I know someday you will appreciate it.
Right now you way 16lbs 7oz!! You have a little viral cold
that has to run its course. You have no teeth and took your
first step last night. Yes can you believe it. You stand all by
yourself for like 15 to 20 seconds. I love the way when grandma
grabs for her lipgloss you open your mouth and ready for some
to be put on. Your favorite toy right now is the Huggies box.
Grandma has refused to put it away because you love to stand by
it and walk around it. So it is in the middle of the living room. I
am getting use to it as a normal piece of furniture. I love you
Londyn. I cant wait to see your face every minute of everyday.

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  1. love love love that you have done this blog to start it as a digital can always refer back to it for info.... love it... and she is beautiful


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