Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Great Day

To bad this has a glare on it. This is a picture of her family.

Another one of Londyn's pictures displayed on the wall.

It is hard to see but these are her advertising cards with
pricing and packages that can be purchased and Londyn
is on one of the cards.

And there is another one of Londyn on the wall.
I went to Classy Capture's grand opening on Saturday. Jenny
opened her own studio downtown on 1st street. It is on the same
block as Today's Salon. I have been looking forward to going for
awhile. It was so cute and I am so proud of her for putting this
together so quickly. She did an amazing job. She had four drawings
that you could enter and I was pleasantly surprised to find out
that I won the grand prize valued at $300.00!! I get to have
a photo shoot done with a cd and 3 8x10's. I just need to schedule it
now. I see a family portrait coming for the holidays. Whoo Hoo!!!!

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  1. i absolutely love it! can't wait to go see her.. in awe of her living the dream


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