Sunday, September 20, 2009

Game Day

Poor Lily I like to follow her all over. I am at that age you
know. Why does she always run from me?

Yes of course I am a duck fan!! And thanks to Eileen at my
grandma's work it clenched the deal. I have a matching bib
too! My aunt Penny bought me a pick onesie too that has the
Oregon ducks on them too.
My mom dressed me yesterday because it was pouring down
rain. I went to my Great Uncle Steve's to watch the game but
then I got tired and had to come home to nap..
Hi everyone:
I am here. I know I havent been on much but we have
been so busy around here. Company from Israel which I have
to say I miss so much already. Spent lots of time with them though.
Lots of just hanging or working on their rental that became empty.
We are looking for homes for two cats if anyone is interested.
Spent all day today cleaning the house. Boy does that feel good to
get caught up a bit. Now off to get dinner ready. Enjoy your Sunday
evening. A shout out to my sister in law Linda who is turning 60
tomorrow. Happy Birthday!!!

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