Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Weekend To Remember

Thank goodness for ATM's, we decided it was going to be a
very long day.

So my sisters and I started out early morning for Eugene
Celebration. We decided even though it rained we were
going to make the best of it. And what better way to start
then with a Starbucks coffee. Seriously I tried to put these
in order and no matter what I do I can't make it work right.
Anyways we spent like 13hrs walking around looking at vendor
booths, Saturday market, and just trying to remember what
garage we parked in. By the end of the day it was dry and crowded
and lots of fun. So glad we went and have decided to go every year.
Enjoy your evening.


  1. So why do I always look like the drinker.. Ha Ha.I do have help,but get all the glasses put in front of me..... Oh well... We had a blast,and I love my Sisters.. Without you all I would be so much less... Love ya.. Penny

  2. Weird stuff, I like it....


We do not remember days we remember moments!