Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Need my own room

One of my favorite things.

Love this bag Shanna made for me. Fits lots of scrap stuff in.

Okay should've turned this around oh well. Need
to find a place in my space to hang this up. I love it.

These are racks in my garage that I am trying to organize
my scrap stuff on.
These silver baskets I found at a garage sale for .50cents each.
I was so excited. They have a spot for labeling. Cant wait to do that.

This is my dining room/scrap room. So hard to find a space
on the table to scrap. Seems like I spend more time trying to
keep my table empty.

Love my red trash can.

Everyone asks if I have my own room so
thought I would share my space. I buy stuff
hoping someday to have a nice place to call
my own. But this works for now!
Have two of these. One on each side.

These are one of my favorite finds. You can hang them on the
wall. I got a steal on both.

Well that is my mess of things. I try to
stay organized but I think I need some
more scrap stuff what do you think?

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  1. we need to get together....you are inspiring to me...we are one of the same sometimes...miss you


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