Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shuggie Wuggies

Just wanted to post this picture as I love
it. Also to say that she is really starting to
walk everywhere. She started Friday night.
I was over at Penny's and got a call saying she
just started going and didnt stop. She is just
shy of 9mo. She started taking a step or two
right at 8mo. She still has no teeth yet. Tonight
she is napping on my lap and most of the time
when I have her I will lay her down to get up and
clean or piddle around but tonight I just wanted
to watch her sleep and spend time with her. She
enjoys getting into all my scrap stuff. I love her.
On another note I went to Penny's Friday night and
she had recorded Oprah and we watched it. It had
Stephanie (
on there. I was so glad she saved it for me.
She has really inspired me. Enjoy your week and will
try to post more often.


  1. so happy that you really started this blog... you have all of shugs moments on least some big ones..

    one day we shall meet up again! one day...sigh

  2. my daughter is beautiful, completely perfect.

    oh, and her mother takes good pictures : )

  3. Those are the most beautiful eyes on the cutest baby ever....How adorable, but I'm sure you haven't heard that enough...One of these days I'm going to visit you at lunch...Where do you get the time to do all those layouts, they're awesome,I love your style...Hope all is well with you and your family...

  4. I love this girl...Cant believe she is walking... Such a big girl in a little body.. She is such a blessing as you know... What she does is always puts a smile on your face,and can make a bad day good.....I am blessed to have her in my life...Great Aunt Penny


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