Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For you Heidi

This was one thing I bought over the weekend. Since you asked
thought I would show you. It is hard to see the size of this but
it is pretty long. I am hoping to put some pics on it. Of course
Londyn I am sure. I put it in my bedroom. I am glad I got it.

My new Scentsy plug in from Penny.
Thank you I love it.

Not sure what these dried things are but
loved them for fall. They are prickly that
is for sure. I bought them and my sister
said I cant believe you are buying it i have
lots of stuff like that on my place. So she is
suppose to be giving me some holly for Xmas.
I got laughed at by my kids as I am snapping
pics in the house, they think I am silly. But I
am sure one day they are going to appreciate
all the pics I take. Have a great evening.

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